What is Customer Service?

“Did you know that an unhappy customer tells 10 people about their experience, whereas a happy customer will only tell 5 people!”

Customer Service is a fundamental skill that employers look for when searching for the right candidate and it comes in all different shapes and sizes, such as;

Excellent Communication Skills - Writing, verbal and listening skills are important. You are expected to be able to speak with customers and clients in a professional manner, including the right tone. Know your audience! Take this blog for example, it’s not us writing a political speech or a dramatic scene in a play, we are expressing our passion on helping you succeed in customer service and helping you achieve that dream job!

Attention to detail - the ability to achieve thoroughness and accuracy when accomplishing a task.

Empathy - as a Customer Service Adviser and a customer, we feel that this is one of the most important attributes anyone can have in life, not just your working life. To put yourself in another person’s shoes to understand their requirements.

Team Player – is about understanding your role in a wider team and working collaboratively towards a common goal. This skill enhances others such as communication, problem solving and critical thinking,

There are many more; Interpersonal Skills, Persuasion, Dependability, IT and Literacy skills, the list goes on!

“It takes 7-17 seconds for someone to form an impression of you”

Keep your promises – give customers realistic expectations

Serve the customer – be proactive, don’t wait for the customer to approach you

Listen to what the customer has to say – let the customer talk and show you are listening by making appropriate responses, such as nodding

Show a positive attitude – familiarise yourself with cultural expectations and practices of politeness (including positive language), it often helps to give you the confidence to achieve your goal.

Go the extra mile – customers anticipate a certain level of service. To deliver great service, you need to deliver more than what they expect.

“55% of a person’s first impressions is based on body language”

Unprofessional behaviours at work consist of poor listening skills, disorganisation, mobile phone usage and poor language skills. So, look out for them and try to improve on those behaviours

Our Employability team run Customer Service training throughout the year for our students. This training is free and it will be added to your training page on your ARU Temps profile and will also look good on your CV. Email temps@aru.ac.uk to find out more!

ARU Temps Team