ARU Temps Flexible Internship Scheme
We are very excited to announce the launch of a brand new initiative - ARU Temps Flexible Internships!

The programme aims to recognise new skills you've learnt, existing skills you've enhanced and to monitor improvements in your 'career pulse'. Students can take part at any point during the academic year by logging the roles and hours worked via ARU Temps and reflecting on this work experience through guided online tasks. As part of the process you will learn how to articulate the benefits of the work you have done both for yourself, ARU and your future employers.

Example eligible temporary roles at ARU;

• Ambassadors

• Catering Assistant

• Activators


• Race Equality Ambassadors

• Demonstrators

Enrol with ARU Temps Flexible Internship today to showcase all of your work experience in the best light whilst enhancing your CV and improving your interview skills.

Email [email protected] to get involved

Completing the ARU Temps Flexible Internship will contribute to your Personal Career Development Plan and take part in the Anglia Ruskin Employability Programme to stand out from the crowd. Develop an understanding of your strengths, take part in events and build your network.