Interning at ARU Temps
We welcomed Nikol to the ARU Temps team earlier this month to help provide us with a students perspective on the work we do at ARU Temps. Nikol is helping us expand our reach and improve our social media content.

If you want to gain experience like Nikol get involved as we have an exciting number of internship opportunities available at the moment so please make sure you check out our vacancies page!

Here are Nikol's thoughts on internships...

When life gives you lemons...

You know the rest. My name is Nikol (with a K, not ce) and I am a Business and Marketing student in my second year. Before university I worked for seven years in hospitality management, but Covid revealed the cracks in my career path so I decided to change my plan. I am in marketing now and I love it! I took the position of Marketing Intern with ARU Temps to boost my skills and gain valuable work experience.

Why you should do it;

If you are aiming for a high paid job or a big career opportunity you need to polish your CV long before you even know where to apply. While other job sites might reject you for being a student, here at ARU Temps you are a priority.

Where to find me

If you have some free time and you would like to talk about future opportunities, how to apply or any other career topic "student to student" this is where you can find me and our social platforms.

Linked in -

Instagram - @aruemployability

Facebook - @ARUTemps20

Nikol Dicheva