Humans are the best jugglers - FACT
Waking early one cold, damp morning in January, my back sore from contorted sleeping positions, tired and hearing the calamity of two young children getting ready for school, I asked myself, ‘What am I doing?!’.

I started my third maternity leave mid August 2022 and returned to work much earlier than with my previous two children – my youngest is 4 and a half months old. It’s only one day a week to start with to ‘top up’ statutory maternity pay, so what’s the worst that can happen? The cost-of-living crisis has put a strain on our finances and regardless of this I love my job and team, I’m a confident multi-tasker and thankfully the third baby (if you know, you know) is incredibly accommodating of the chaos they’ve been born into. So I didn’t give much thought to the fact that he isn’t yet sleeping through the night or indeed, longer than 2 hours before his grumbling tummy needs sated.

So it hit me hard that first workday morning and it made me wonder, how many other people are juggling multiple facets of their lives and stretching themselves to achieve their goals? Our students are also parents, employees, carers, they can’t be solely focussed on achieving the very best they can from their course, they also have other things to worry about. This could easily put them at a disadvantage but with the right support and their instinctive determination, these outstanding people can achieve the greatest outcomes be it advancing their education, improving their career prospects or simply, to make ends meet.

ARU Temps is here to help – we offer flexible working opportunities to fit around your studies and other commitments, providing vital income and work experience to add value to your course and evidence your employability skills to future graduate employers. We understand that it’s hard to follow the path you’ve chosen and are committed to helping you reach your end goal. We can also signpost you to other helpful areas of ARU which share our dedication to achieving your full potential.


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The human race is exceptional at adapting and developing to accomplish what’s necessary for our survival. I’m now on week 3 and happy to report it feels infinitely better than week 1. To all the jugglers out there, you got this.

Laura Kendrick, ARU Temps Business Development Manager