Say Hello to our new Employability Services Placement student!
Hello, everyone! My name is Daria Kudriasheva (Or Dasha, whatever is easier for you), I’m 19, and I have recently completed my second year of studies at ARU. However, I have now transitioned from being a Business with Marketing student to an employee at Anglia Ruskin University as part of my placement year.

Since the age of 14, I have always sought to explore various roles, even if they were simple jobs such as a trampoline trainer or bartender. Each of these experiences has provided me with valuable skills and knowledge and have proved helpful when creating my CV, as having something to showcase is better than having nothing. It played a significant role in securing my placement later on. 

When I initially engaged with ARU Employability services, I was an insecure and shy student who lacked confidence in my abilities. Now, I am working with them as a placement student, thanks to the support and guidance from the Careers Team. They have greatly boosted my self-awareness and improved my CV writing skills.

There were several reasons why I specifically applied for this placement:

  1. I was already familiar with some of the services. As mentioned earlier, I had regular meetings with a career advisor who assisted me in tailoring my CV, writing cover letters, and preparing for the interview. I was thrilled to join their team and encourage more students to take advantage of ARU Employability Services. Utilizing these services can make your career journey much smoother and less stressful.

  2. I have a strong desire for self-improvement and trying new things. This position was advertised as "on rotation," which presented a wonderful opportunity for me to meet new people and explore various roles within a single year. I believe this experience will greatly benefit my future career path after graduation.

  3. A previous placement student greatly inspired me about the role. Before starting the application process, I had a conversation with the person who held this position last year. Her detailed insights into the job, beyond what was mentioned in the description, left me feeling excited and motivated.
Overall, I am extremely pleased to be a part of such an exceptional team. My advice to every student - don't be afraid to seek help. It does not indicate weakness but rather a lack of prior experience. Take advantage of the student services available at our university; they are here to assist, not to judge. 

If any of you would like to have a casual chat with a fellow student or have any kind of questions, please feel free to reach out to me [email protected] or visit the ARU Temps office in LAB132.
Daria Kudriasheva
Employability Placement student, ARU Temps